FreeMODBUS - A Modbus ASCII/RTU and TCP implementation

latest release v1.5 - 6 June 2010
The Linux port adds Modbus RTU/ASCII slave functionality to an embedded Linux device. It should be possible to run it on uCLinux, a Linux distribution tailored for embedded systems. In addition it was tested on Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.
The basic operation is the same as for the other embedded platforms. One typically creates a thread in which the main Modbus polling loop function is called. For a Modbus RTU/ASCII example see demo.c.
Recently the TCP port has been added which can be found in the directory demo/LINUXTCP. This port was contributed and is therefore untested.

FreeMODBUS library and web page maintained by Christian Walter [wolti at sil dot at]
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FreeMODBUS is sponsored and provided by embedded solutions embedded solutions
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