FreeMODBUS - A Modbus ASCII/RTU and TCP implementation

latest release v1.5 - 6 June 2010

FreeModbus is licensed under the BSD which permits its commerical usage. The demo applications are currently licensed under different licenses (mostly GPL) with the exception that they might be used as guidelines for porting.
If the license is not suitable for your application you can contact me to make any special agreements. This includes purchased support or help in porting the protocol stack to your target. You can contact me at:

Contact Information

Christian Walter MSe.
A-1200 Vienna, Sachsenplatz 7/11
Mobile: +43-676-7278851
Email: cwalter at freemodbus dot org
Skype: My status

FreeMODBUS library and web page maintained by Christian Walter [wolti at sil dot at]
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